New measures for work-life balance presented at the University of Aveiro

In the scope of the project "Linha 3UA - A vida Profissional, Pessoal e Familiar em Linha na UA", the University of Aveiro (UAVR, Portugal) held, at the end of September, 3 actions to disseminate new measures for conciliation of professional, personal and family life. The actions took place in Escola Superior Aveiro-Norte (ESAN) and Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Águeda (ESTGA), on September 26th, and in Campus de Santiago, on September 27th. This last session, which was broadcast online, was attended by more than 100 participants. In addition to the new work-life balance measures, the results of a questionnaire conducted in April 2022 to UA staff and their families were presented. The welcome session and the presentation of measures was in charge of José Neto Vieira, Pro-Rector of the UA for monitoring and coordinating the development and implementation of the University's information systems; Daniela Costa, human resources manager at the UA, presented the project's outline and Bruna Batista, SrongStep consultant, presented the survey results.
It should be remembered that Line 3UA is a project financed by national funds that aims to implement the management system for work-life balance at the University of Aveiro (UA). The work carried out under this project was developed in articulation with the CHANGE project, taking into account the measures foreseen under the Gender Equality Plan of the University of Aveiro.